Netflix used all their wit to shut the haters going after the Standup Special of Aditi Mittal

Indian Standup comedy had an incredible boost this year as many new and emerging talents came out and the old classic standup comedians came forward with brand new jokes as well. That is the reason why Amazon announced an excellent deal in which fourteen comedians were to be hosted from all around India.

But this move attracted a whole lot of criticism from our community as not even a single person in those chosen fourteen was a female comedian.

A lot of conversations have been going on due to this on the topic of sexism in the standup circuit of India which includes a viral interview of Anupama Chopra with most of the most successful Indian comedians.

Yesterday, Netflix India announced that they will be releasing Aditi Mittal’s special on their platform on 18th July. The special will be titled, “Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say”.

A lot of applause was earned by Netflix due to this as they decided to go somewhere Amazon chose not to go.

@AroonDeep showed the gender scorecard.

@SupraMario also praised Netflix for doing what Amazon couldn’t and congratulated @awryaditi (Aditi Mittal).

But Netflix received criticism as well.

For this, Netflix India gave an apt reply and that to pretty quickly!

They even shut down the haters of Aditi Mittal with apt replies.

Some people called Netflix’s move as peer pressure and asked how much the peer pressure was and Netflix replied in a direct and straightforward tone!

Whether this was a carefully thought after move of getting more supporters or actual talent acquisition, we know for sure that Aditi Mittal would be tickling our funny bones on July 18th, 2017 and we sure would love it!

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