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The Union Human Resource Development Minister is clear about what she wants – accountability from the teachers and to serve the interests of students across India whose future depends on the quality of education they receive. Smriti Irani has a precise goal: to spruce up the education sector in India.

And so she believes, she has been selectively targeted by these vested interests who accused her of saffronizing the education sector. Irani, however, is unperturbed: she is determined to pursue her mission.

“I have been selectively targeted. There has been a selective outrage against what I have been doing as it is convenient. It is also convenient sometimes not to challenge cosy clubs. After a very long time I am asking the academics to be accountable. They are just reacting against it. You are bound to be attacked when you challenge the status quo,” Irani said while addressing the Mail Today Education Conclave-2015 on Monday.

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