Non Netizens Take on India

When those who don’t belong to India were asked questions about it there was mixed bag of answers. Some made correct observations while some answers were horrifically stereotyped.

Some were in line with our global reputation and some were simply hilarious. Let us see few of the popular responses that came up in the process.

Poverty and Bollywood both strikes instantly to mind when asked about India.

While the country is known for its yummy tasty food, the irony is people are still forced to release out that food in open.

The Indians are known to enjoy a lot of singing, dancing and good food but then the safety of women is also a big issue.

The country boasts of beautiful women and cute guys but the layers of society blur it all.

Punjabis are known for their love of food, drinks, songs, dance and of course hospitality.

Thinking of India makes me feel I am surrounded by thousands and thousands of people.

I think it is a land of phone scammers.

The country has too many people, cars and there is jam everywhere. I don’t understand why people keep honking when standing in a traffic jam…does it really make any difference other than causing noise pollution and irritation?

In India people belonging to different castes, creeds and religion live in harmony and this chap thinks we are racist.

I can never understand why they say YES and NO at the same time?

Indians pamper their tummy with tasty food and their mind with tech talks.

India is a land of meditation, yoga, spiritualism on one hand and poverty, pollution on the other.

The king of fruits ALPHONSO comes from India.

Whatever I know about India is through the movie Slumdog Millionaire!

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