Not Far Down the Road, Your Car Could Have A 3D Dashboard

Your next car could have a 3D dashboard — no glasses required. A startup called Leia, which has already shown a prototype of a 2.2-inch screen that can display holograms, is now working on a 5.5-inch screen that gives a sense of how the technology could look if embedded in things like cars and smartphones.

Fattal hopes Leia’s displays will eventually be used in a variety of electronics ranging from smart watches and smartphones to appliances to cars, letting you do things like have screens with reconfigurable 3D buttons or have a 3D chat with another person. Fattal says the company is talking to carmakers and other electronics companies, and he expects that to be one of the first places where Leia’s technology is available, hopefully starting in 2017.

In the meantime, the company plans to get developers acquainted with it by taking orders in September for a developer kit that will include the smaller-sized display for showing holographic images and videos. The display, which will plug into a computer, will be monochrome (though Fattal says a still-in-development color mode will also be possible), and it will include an accelerometer, gyroscope, and hover-touch capability for manipulating on-screen images. It’s not yet clear what the price will be, though Leia says it will be less than $500, and the kits are expected to ship out in December.

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