What Not to Say When Meeting an Ahmedabadi!

People get quite touchy if you get judgmental about their native place or food or anything that is specific to a particular place. There are certain unsaid rules that everyone needs to follow and respect and if you don’t, then be ready to bear the consequences.

Like for instance if you are talking to someone who is from Ahmedabad, you have to keep these things in mind.

  • Never ever invite an Ahmedabadi for a booze in his/her city…You know right, Gujarat is a dry state and it will be seen as rubbing salt in the wound.

  • No doubt that Modi belongs to Ahmedabad, but that does not mean that every Ahmedabadi has met don’t dare ask this question, the moment you meet anyone from there.

  • If you crib in front of an Ahmedabadi that, there is no place to hang out in the evening you had it.

  • Ahmedabadi don’t believe in working for someone else….99% of the population has its own family business to run.

  • If you ever complain that there is no food joint open after midnight in the city, then probably you are new to the place and have not heard of Manek chowk.

  • Seriously! Can you complain about the education system with the most renowned IIM, NID, CEPT, and BJ Medical College existing for decades?

Institutes like IIM, NID, CEPT, and BJ Medical College were founded in the city to educate morons like you.

  • However much you love your Mumbaiya Vada pav, nothing can match the Jay Bhavani one for an Ahmedabadi.

  • Excuse me….Do you think only vegetarians exist here? …If this was true, then KFC, Barbeque Nation etc, would have come just for dilly dallying…Isn’t it?

  • The whole of Ahmedabad just concentrates on a single job on 14th January and that is to be on the terrace and fly kites.

  • If you feel shopping in this city is expensive, then you are really bad at bargaining.

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