Nothing is Impossible: That is the lesson you will learn when you see a Girl from Bihar writing her board exams with her Feet!

Most often we come across a lot of stories that actually inspires us. Some of them are sheer bravery and other stories generally reflect upon the tenacity that people show in face of the adversities and the afflictions. One similar story that will be an inspiration to all of us comes from Bihar. A girl from Bihar (Baniapur Village) has come out really strong completely stunning everyone in her state. Ankita Kumari is attempting her class 10 board exams and she is writing her papers with her feet. Isn’t that mind boggling?

As per one of the reports, even though Ankita Kumari is a physically-challenged girl, she also has problems with her hand movements and even speech, but this condition of hers has actually failed to stop her from going to the exam centre. Ankita, accompanied by her very close grandmother, goes to the Gandhi – High School exam centre, sits on the carpet and then writes her answers just by holding her pen between her toes. The reports stated that Ankita had got afflicted with Polio when she was 5 and this later on resulted in her having disabled arms. She even had problem in speaking properly. Looking at how strong a girl Ankita is mentally, one of her invigilators stated that Ankita is a very determined girl and she certainly has a very bright future ahead. Rupa Kumari, her invigilator was  praising her effort. She added that Ankita in future will land up with a very good job and lead a happy life. These are the kind of people that inspire so many people in the country. Ankita proves that nothing is impossible.

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