Now Shortlisting US Colleges Are Easier

If you’re planning to apply to universities in the US next year, The White House’s redesigned College Scorecard site is a good place to start shortlisting schools.

Using open data and an easy-to-use interface, the resource lets you quickly look up universities by location, size and programs.

white house 1

It also lets you drill down to outcomes at specific colleges, including how much you can expect to accrue in debt and how soon you’ll be able to pay it off.

You can also find stats for specific schools, such as typical SAT and ACT scores, the most popular programs available and a breakdown of the student body.

white house 2

The team behind the new site used open data that covers over 7,000 colleges and goes back 18 years. It’s all available via an API for researchers, counselors and developers to use in their own applications and analysis.

Overall, this is a handy tool for looking up unbiased information on which US schools suit your needs best.

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