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Now its Time of Trump Burger vs Hillary Burger!!! Who is More Delicious?

Trump Burger vs Hillary Burger

Tokyo Cafe Started a Unique Burger, let’s see what people has to say.

In the city of US Presidential Candidates, J.S. Burger Cafe in Tokyo is putting forth Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton propelled burgers, and is welcoming customers to vote on which one they like best. The Trump burger, for instance, is intended to take after a New York store sandwich, the Reuben. Softened cheddar, Russian dressing, and pastrami. Clinton’s burger-whose birthplace is close to Chicago, depended on the renowned Chicago-style wiener. Poppy seed bun, celery salt, and a frank in that spot on the burger itself. At last, one voter from the triumphant group will be granted free burgers for 365 days!

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