O.. M.. G.. Bill Gates Just Made His Largest Donation Since 2000

Richard Bill Gates

O.. M.. G.. Bill Gates Just Made His Largest Donation Since 2000

$4.6 billion, to be exact. Bill Gates just gave away 5% of his fortune. He donated 64 million shares of Microsoft on June 6. This news was released on Monday by a Security & Exchange Commission Filing. The reporters said that this is the largest donation since 2000 when he donated stock value at $5 billion to create the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

While the SEC filing didn’t specify the gift’s recipient, it is unexpected that the money will go to Bill Gate’s charity. As a co-creator, Gate has committed to giving a majority of his wealth to charity. His recent donation represents 38% of his Microsoft holdings. But still, it is a small fraction of his total wealth. Excluding this recent donation, the foundation has a total funding of $40.3 billion.

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