This One Is For People Who Don’t Respond to Text Messages

There can be nothing worse than sending across a text message to a friend or loved one and not receiving a response from the other end. This article is for such people who never respond to text messages. Guys, please do have the courtesy to reply to messages and stay away from that reactionary egoistic behaviour of yours!

  • You would have updated your lunch just 5 minutes back before getting the text and even replied to comments 5 minutes after that. Then, why the hell can’t you type out some words? Don’t tell me that you missed out the message!

  • Come on man! Everyone knows that you are online and have read their messages. Are you thinking that everyone else is stupid and don’t know that you have read their message?

  • This one is certainly for those people who start typing a reply message and stop it as conveniently out of the blue. Are you trying to create a hope in people and leaving it midway?

  • If you are planning to reply to a message after a week, why should you even bother to do that when you couldn’t reply in few minutes?

  • Well, when you go out of your way and manage to reply to a message after one week, it looks like you are simply scrolling through old messages, trying to clear your inbox. You don’t have to do a favour to anyone.

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