One Single Frame from “Half Girlfriend” Has Become a Meme

The Internet is a crazy world where you can never be sure what will become viral overnight. The trailer of Half girlfriend that was released earlier this week has gained solid attention on social platforms. In this upcoming movie, Arjun Kapoor is shown as a small town dude who is not fluent in English. A particular scene where he is seen in St. Stephen college interview saying “ Sir myself coming from village area” is trending with the social buzz going strong on all possible funny questions for this answer.

  •    What if he goes to a five-star restaurant and the humble rajma chawal is described as “ Simmered kidney beans in a thick gravy accompanied with some freshly cooked Basmati rice”, he will say, “Sir myself coming from village area”
  • If someone asks him about Snapchat or Instagram he will only have one reply.
  •    What will he do if he is on an international flight where the drinks are free? Will he order drink after drink because he is coming from a village area?
  •    Coming from village area is something like going from suburbs to town side
  •    Does the village boy know the difference between Word and Excel?
  •    Hey, I just want coffee…what is this Mangarbucchino latte with triple extra macchiatos lassan….
  •    Is shifting from national capital to financial capital of the country a big deal?
  •    Have you heard of Harry Potter movies? Do you watch GoT?
  •    Why have you installed Tinder?… To get quality friends in the new city?
  •    I know excel but how will a village boy know about Vlookup…Isn’t it too much to ask for
  •    O God …can’t these guys at Subway make the sub on their own without asking so many questions
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