The ongoing war between the two species: one from mars and the other from Venus

Though men and women are said to be complementing each other, the matter of fact is that men are often found mansplaining things to women that the latter find annoying. Here the women have shared some of their worst mansplaining experiences.

He thinks he knows all and wants me to agree on the fact that my roots are Irish giving some nonsensical arguments. Boy…give me a break, I know where my roots belong.

Just imagine a man explaining a pH to an environmental consultant and that too with a chemical engineering background. After getting it all wrong, he wants me to look impressed with him.

Do men think that, they are only ones on the planet who have studied political science?

See the irony….A 10th-grade pass-out explaining how education should be run to a doctorate in education leadership.

Do they even have an idea what giving a birth even means….Just imagine, he is comparing it to pooping.

:side eye:

Don’t you think a lactating mother will definitely be knowing more about how breast milk works and doesn’t really need your advice and expertise on it?

They are born to just disagree with whatever the female is saying even if she is right.

I think guys think that they know more about female anatomy, problems, childbirth, menopause etc. Most of the time, they only prove that they are as stupid as we thought that were by talking about all these.

Now, this is the height….Imagine a male ob/gyn telling me that menstrual cramps can be ignored if I get busy with some hobby.

The worst nightmare for a librarian is when some moron walks in and explains to her how library cards and checkouts work.

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