Only Those from Venus Would Understand It

There have been numerous jokes prevalent among half of the population about what the other half wants or says, but the fact remains that no men have been able to understand what a woman goes through. Let’s see some of the memes doing rounds that may appear to be a rocket science to men, but women will instantly connect to it.

  • While the men will rack their brains in the chemical composition of the tablet. all women know that this is the sanjeevni booti for them for those difficult days.

  • How difficult it is to adorn an avatar that is totally in contrast to your personality but women have to do it anyways several times in their life.

  • Going out for a weekend to chill in a pool or dance all night is so much fun but why did you gals choose these dates.

  • Will men ever understand what blunder has happened that we are gulping down gallons of cranberry juice…

  • What a perfect way to spoil the wonderful mood!!!…When will these people learn not to send these obscene pics in my mailbox?

  • How scared I was to use a tampon the very first time…Alas, why did I even bought it..the old conventional way was fine.

  • Why have people to tell me always how I should dress? I can very well take care of myself..You better chill.

  • Does the guy think I am stupid enough to believe that I am the only girl he ever talked to?

  • How come this cab guy always know the worst time to show up? Always late when I am ready and waiting and early when…..

  • How can you even think to run after a bus wearing pencil heels and strapless bra?

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