OPPS! Actress Deepika Padukone Is Yet In Touch With Her EX-Boyfriend

While celebrating her birthday, Deepika says that she is in touch with her ex-boyfriend Nihaar Pandya. She has become among the leading heroines in Bollywood and an icon for future stars. Every movement she makes is acutely noticed and discussed, be it about her connections with acquaintances or even the advertisement she did a couple of months before. Nevertheless, no one knows about Nihaar Pandya, Deepika’s first boyfriend when she moved from Bengaluru to Mumbai.


Nihaar replied that:
Yes, we are greatly in touch. It’s nowhere near to the method it’s been pictured so far with reviews recommending that both of us are expecting to run another down or something. It’s all greatly on the friendly note. Sadly with these connections that I have stayed tagged, there is a wrong perception among people that I am needing to be with an actress. This is not that we had planned. I would want to undo that, this year.


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