The Most Outrageous Hilarious Tweets by Husbands

Getting married, settling and having kids is almost everybody’s end goal. But once that goal is achieved, it is really tough to stay in that phase with complete success. There are many hardships for both the husband and wife. Sometimes the husbands become too dumb to understand what the wife wants and sometimes it’s the other way round.

No matter what the problem is, it is healthier to handle them together. If not handled with care, there could be problems! Here are Twitter Husbands that share their life’s hilarious lol moments with everyone via tweets:


  • This is a very serious question. Please don’t laugh:


@KyleMcDowell86 the best way to get some sleep is take the McDowell out of your twitter handle add an s in the end and make a nice peg of whiskey with it if you know what I mean.


  • Bye!! Bye! Kids! Mommy Doesn’t Want you Anymore:


Wait a minute. Did he actually “throw them out”?


  • Men do talk too much. Great to see that his wife found a way to shut him up:


Does your husband talk too much too? Use the same technique to shut him up as well. It looks like it is pretty effective.


  • Dad doesn’t have time to Play but if Wife gives him some work then it is a whole another story:


That’s actually really brilliant! Only if all other husbands were as smart as him. We wouldn’t call men dumb!


  • She has gone to the Dark Side:


She is with the divorce and the divorce is with her!! May the divorce be with all of you!


  • No Matter where you are She has work for you:


Nowhere to hide.

As you can see, being in a marriage is not easy for both the parties.

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