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Getting the dream job is one of the most challenging things in anyone else’s life. And if you are a fresher then it is tougher for you.

Here, we talk about the 2nd stage of a recruitment process i.e, Personal Interview.

Interview for a job makes you more nervous and tense. Most of the times, if any candidate gives a bad Interview, it is due to the nervousness and fear of Interviews. Sometimes candidate is shown nervous due to which he forgot everything in front of the HR and he or she gets rejected for the job.

To beat the Interview fear, you have to be bold and learn how to control the nervousness before the Interviewer and get selected for the job profile.

Through this article, I will explain you some of the basic steps that you must follow before going to Interview.

When you are going for any company Interview, you must follow all the protocols of the company which they mention in their interview call-letter. Be you are a fresher or a professional, must know about the company.

Let me explain it with an example. Suppose you are going for an interview for Globussoft Technologies. Then before one night of the Interview, you must know on which platform this company is working, What are their products, How many employees are there and What job profile they are offering to you etc.

After this, you must review previous year Interview question asked by the company people. Highlight the repeated question. Think about your special skill that you are going to say in front of the HR, and be prepared for it. Doing all these steps will help you to prepare yourself for Interview according to the company needs.

When people feel nervous they take a short breath due to which brain doesn’t receive proper amount of oxygen and working efficiency of the brain gets decreased, due to which you forget the things you know. So take a deep breath. It is one of the easiest ways to beat your nervousness. Suppose if you feel nervousness again during your Interview process, then take pause for a while and take a deep breath which will help you to overcome of your nervousness.

Many people think that Interview is like an interrogation. People think that if they don’t show mistake for fear then they will get selected for the job. Change your perspective, You think like that you are also interviewing an employee of a company to see that job is perfect for you. Thinking an Interview like an interrogation will put you again in nervousness.

Take Interview as a conversation between two people who want to know each other. This will release your pressure and make you feel less nervous and confident.

If you are walking inside the Interview room in a negative attitude. This will make you more nervous and make your Interview experience worse. Bringing positive attitude inside you will build strong confident inside you. Here the positive attitude means you body language and behavior while talking with HR, Your voice tone, Using of non defensive words and your clothes.


The interview is the 2nd stage of getting a job. Your Interview depends on your attitude and your preparation. Following above points will help you to keep you calm and cool during Interview.

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