This Pakistani Boy Becomes Viral on the Internet by Popping His Eyes out Quite Spookily and in a Bizarre Way

A 14-year-old Boy in Pakistan has become a sensation on the Internet due to his unusual talent of popping his eyeballs out beyond his eye sockets.

Ahmed Ali can execute the eye-popping ability quite literally; he has been covered by many National and International media and he became a sensation on the social media. His eye-popping videos are trending on YouTube and the videos are transmitted all over the world through Whatsapp and Facebook.


Ahmed, studying at a local school in Lahore, discovered his bizarre ability last year. He was found saying in a video – “Last year, I was combing my hair and I touched my eye, and the eyeball squeezed out. I thought I’d damaged my eyes, but later I realized that it was normal and there was no harm to my eyes.”

He can squeeze his eyeballs out by 10mm, and he seeks to register his talent in the Guinness Book of World Records and make his country proud.

Ahmed’s ophthalmologist had initially suggested him that he better get rid of his strange habit. Later, after looking at his expertise and determination to make his country proud, his eye specialist motivated him to go after the Guinness Records.

He can pop both his eyes at the same time and one-at-a-time too. Initially, he was reluctant to pop his eyes out, but later he thought it would be fun and then he got used to it.

The popping of eyes can surely be used in horror movies, and he can become a star.

Well, the Internet always amazes us, and we are never too tired asking for more.

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