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Parenting Is Hard and Here Are 7 Hilarious Memes That Prove So

One of the most life changing aspects is having children. You go through happy moments, cute moments, tired moments, extremely tired moments and even some fed up moments. But it is all worth it. Here are 7 hilarious parenting memes that are sure to make you smile.


  • I have the power


Did I just get a diaper change? I think I have to go again…and again…and again…


  • I have five kids!


Kids are only human! You will have an audience where ever you go, even outside the bathroom!


  • Patience runs out sometimes.


Ever tried to argue with a teenager? Faint hearted are advised against it. You will never be sure that you won the argument.


  • Bad Idea.


Never give your kid a whistle, you won’t be able to hear anything else! It is exactly as bad as it sounds. And battery-operated toys are even worse.


  • You are not going to sleep alone now.


For at least five years, you won’t be sleeping alone. Kids would take over your bed and make no mistake, we mean the entire bed.


  • Distracting your kid is the best idea.


This baby can never get bored because of this. His dad covered almost everything. And all this is educational as well. He might end up becoming an engineer when he grows up.


  • Bedtime=Bombtime.


Handle a sleeping baby with extreme care. They tend to explode without warning. After placing down a baby with care, tip toe out and wait for them to excitingly wake up again when they are done with their nap.

These are some of the hilarious parenting memes circulating around the internet. There are countless more where they came from. The scary part is that they depict the truth!

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