These Parents Trolling Their Kids Is the Best Thing You Will See Today

Being a parent is not as easy as you think and it might be stressing for parents to raise their kids. Well, some parents handle their stress really well – by trolling their kids. Your parents can be funnier than you think. These parents have definitely proved that they can troll. Their parenting approach is different, but absolutely hilarious. They definitely love their kids, but love trolls even more. Who said parents cannot be cool?

Sure these kids wouldn’t agree with us here, but we cannot deny the fact that their parents have great sense of humour.

Here are some of the coolest parents ever. Have a look!

  • Well it is an “Eye Pad”. Can’t deny it.



  • When kids are important, but winning is more important….



  • Everything around you holds a secret message. Can you find it?


  • Who would knowingly let a unicorn die?



  • Aren’t they the coolest parents ever!



  • Isn’t he the most creative dad ever?

  • Who needs snacks when you have a loving mother?



  • This is the most evil thing I can possibly imagine.



  • When you refuse to add him in your profile picture….



  • Google, is that you?



  • When your parents love professionalism more than you!



  • Don’t mess with the “MOM”.

  • When you refuse to add him in your profile picture, Part-2


Now that was our collection of the most hilarious parent-children trolls out there.

Have you been trolled by your parents too?

Share your best moments with us in the comment section below.

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This man is really awesome

This man is really awesome. Have A Look

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