Passengers Get into a Random Jam Session on a Local Train in Mumbai

It’s a known fact that the local trains are the real lifeline of Mumbai. Countless number of people, on an everyday basis, takes the local trains to commute. Even though one has to jostle his/her way onto the train (as nobody prefers travelling standing all the time), most people do not even bother taking an alternative mode of transport.

Mumbai locals are not just an extension of the city, but also its people. From the completely animated conversations to sharing food with the co-passengers, the commuters are actually spotted basking in more happy and fun activities, not disturbed by all the anxieties that they have in life.

Mumbai local will have people of all types, and if you are lucky enough, then you may have some real entertainment in the local train and thus a group of middle aged men mostly in their 40s decided to make something not just to keep themselves busy, but also bring a smile on the faces of the co-passengers.

A video clipping was taken and shared on the social media and it had close to 2 million views in a matter of hours. The video shows that the passengers were giving in some musical touch to all the songs by beating their hands on the train’s surface in a rhythmic manner. This is the kind of entertainment that one would love to have when travelling in a local train.

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