These Peeps Need to Get Their Signs Right!

Due to lack of knowledge in English language, the clumsy signs or translations that are supposed to guide you, only end up causing an outburst of unstoppable laughter…Since we are die-hard fans of epic fails, we have got for you some hilarious translation fails ever made. It sometimes makes us wonder if it was actually done on purpose…Decide for yourself!

  • Burn the hand carefully

          Yep, there is actually a careful method for burning your hand!

  • Where exactly is the Toilet button, again?

           It’s on your back side of course! But, be careful while pressing it.

  • Sand beach- Its useful for swimming

          Who needs the water? Like duh!

  • Dude no ‘grinding ordinance’

          This guy over here is making complete use of his skaters-to-English dictionary.

  • The time calculator

          So, you would need about 10 mins if you walk, 7 mins if you run just a little bit and maybe 4 mins if you ride a horse?

  • Nobody here likes being played

          A little confused as to who needs to pay attention, the human or the monkeys… But, we are pretty sure that either of the parties don’t like being             played.

  • Toilets for the disabled or are the toilets actually disabled

           You’ll are putting innocent people in jeopardy man! Get your shit sorted.

  • Yeah! Nobody messes with the Grass

          Not even you!

  • That just killed my appetite!

           Not quite sure what the ‘butter grouth’ is…I even tried googling!

  • As long as it free fallow…


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