People Are Going Crazy over Luke Bryan As He Shakes His Butt during His Performance

For those who need an introduction to Luke Bryan, he is a country artist who is a new and budding talent. In addition to his charismatic aura, Luke Bryan is winning hearts because of the awesome way he looks in tight jeans and his great booty shake during the performances he gives.

Here is the picture of the artist, Luke Bryan setting fire on the stage with his killer dance moves. The audience feel so ecstatic seeing him on stage.

Even other celebrities are fans of Luke Bryan’s butt. Last year, our beloved Ellen got a chance to get her hands on Luke Bryan’s backside. She grabbed the opportunity and looked pretty excited.

Luke Bryan’s booty shake became popular with the song that came out in the year 2013 called the Country Girl (shake it for me).


Well if you see his dance, you would surely wish that the song should have been titled Country Boy (shake it for me).

The best thing about his performances is that he really feels every beat of the music and gets into the groove.

And the girls swoon and faint at the sight of him moving the hips and thrusting them with the beat of the music. OH MY GOD! It is so cool.

On the stage, the temperatures rise with every sway of his butt. It is his booty on stage that does all the talking and yeah we love it and he too loves his bum to put the show for the fans.

If you are looking for a closer and better view, then here check it out yourself.

Even the Twitter community could not get enough of him and was going gaga over the derriere and called him the baseball booty.

Now that we are in the year 2017, he continues to enthrall the audience in jeans that are absolutely skin fit and fit him similar to a glove. He is still lighting up the stage with his booty performances and the crowd still continues to enjoy the same level of enthusiasm.

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