Perfectly Timed Animal Pictures that would make you go Oh Snap!

Animals are lovely. Who doesn’t love animals? They bring back the joy in our fast paced monotonous lives. People who have a pet know this very well. These pets unknowingly give their humans the amount of pleasure that no one could ever give. They are sweet, loyal and love unconditionally.

But if you mess with them, they can show you what they are really made of as well. Animals can be ruthless and cruel if they don’t understand what is actually happening. So if you need to be very careful when you are around animals because if they feel you are threatening them, they would definitely attack!

Here are some perfectly timed snaps of animals going haywire and they are going to make or break your day:

  • When you quack the crap out of your selfie:

Save your finger lady, the duck is going to quack your finger soon!!

  • Don’t Play like that, she would kick you:

Is the girl even scared? I think this is just a set up photo. What do you think?

  • That thing is huge:

This is the greatest splash ride ever!!! Just make sure the whale doesn’t hit your head….

  • Save Yourself from the Shark!

Who swims in shark waters? This guy is an idiot or a serious daredevil.

  • Raccoon Bite:

Raccoons are undoubtedly the funniest looking creatures. I mean look at that face!!!!

  • There is a Cheetah on the loose:

You can clearly say that that is the real hunting style. Jump and attack your prey. That cheetah is really hungry for some human!!!

As you can see you never know when an animal turns on you. So please make sure that you have all the safety equipment on you at all times.

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