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This photo just vent viral and received the weirdest and hilarious reviews by the Twitterati

A laptop is clearly a millennial limb in today’s digital age. The might and power of such a tiny device is unbelievable. It can plan a vacation, order foods online, pay bills, prepare presentations, and many more. There is nothing in today’s time that a laptop cannot do. We turn to these machines for everything nowadays.

Although desktop computers come in handy to but they are slowly turning obsolete as laptops let people work from anywhere at anytime. Like the photo that went viral, these laptops let people work from pavements on the road side as well!

A man sitting on the footpath beside a road was seen working on his laptop and some trigger finger on a camera captured this hilarious moment and posted it online. The complete internet is going haywire and the Twitterati have come with the best of memes yet again. A lot of hilarious captions have surfaced online.


Maximum of these reactions portray the angst of the people and work related frustration. While most of the people were quick to relate to this situation to the people in relationships. As these two situations are the only ones hilarious enough to get an online troll that could lead people to roll on the floor laughing.

Although the source of the photo wasn’t independently verified yet, the Twitter users have come up with really fascinating capitons. Maybe these handy devices aren’t so convenient after all as mostly because the boss or your loved bae is just a click away due to them.

Here are some of the eye catching hilarious comments on this perfectly timed picture that surfaced online recently.





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