Photographer Plays An Unbelievable Magic Trick On These Photos. #7 You Shouldn’t Miss


There is a classic saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or whatever that is. If you would analyze carefully, beauty and aesthetic value are much of a big deal in the society we live in. Whether we deny them or not, we still look at these standards set by our history, culture and people. One of the things people do to cope up is through technology and photographic enhancements.

They may not be necessarily harmful, it’s just that, things became too good to be true. But then again, we become more fascinated with face value, so might as well appreciate these initiatives, and focus on its artistic side.

Look at what photographer Peter Stewart did to enhance his environmental shots. He branded this technique as multiple enhancements. I bet that artistically speaking, you will surely be proud and amazed at his creations. You will even definitely say that you have neve expected such beautification. Witness them here, now!

1. Edges and corners are forming a vibrant square.

1. Edges and corners are forming a vibrant square.

Looking at two plain building corners forming right angles from the first two images appears too exhausting and breath-taking (in a negative way). Adding some reddish hue and merging two angles into one united piece made the image more amusing. Do not discredit the jolly sky on top, waiting for your curious eyes.

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