These Photoshop Masters should be banned from the Internet

Photoshop is the world’s best photo editor tool. It has various applications that help enhance the quality and meaning of an image but sometimes this tool is used for devious purposes. People often use Photoshop to remove their shortcomings from an image but sometimes people go too far.

When this tool is used by people who have a whole lot of free time on their hands, they end up creating jewels in the meme world, sometimes without even knowing what they did. It is also said, half knowledge is bad and this is true in the case of Photoshop as well. People who don’t know how to use it can make disastrous photos which are serious for one but hilarious to others.

Here are some of those Photoshop gurus at work:

  • Kabhi Harry Kabhi Potter:

I mean seriously, how free are you? To the uninitiated, this is the poster of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum and the faces are replaced by Harry Potter characters!

  • Our Honorable President:

Well this picture actually deserved to be edited. Look how awesome our president looks on the Iron Throne!

  • Brand new boy who lived:

He’s killing it with the goggles!!!

  • Katrina Kaif Fever:


Give her a break guys. The middle one in the first compilation looks like a pervert! He’s going to undress you with his eyes!

  • The Ajay Jadeja Picture Massacre:

Look at what they have made this picture into.

The last one is just brutal if he is a vegetarian. Even if that’s not the case, it’s yucky!!

  • Meet our very own Photoshop Superhero:

He could have just worn the costumes instead of putting his face on them! That would have been a much more elegant solution.

These people just waste the bandwidth given to them and it should be taken away from them.

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