Pics Of First Day Of School Vs Last Day Of School

Years go by so fast, and before you know it, your first day of school turns into your last day of school. Heck, you can’t even recognize yourself in those old pictures from when you were just a kid.
The first and of school and the last day of school are surely two of the most important days in anybody’s life. Each one of them represents both an ending and a beginning of something new. So they’re pretty worthy of being captured in a photo.

The parents of the kids in the images below were inspired enough to get their kids to take a photo on their first day of school/kindergarten. Years later, when the kids turned into teenagers and it was time for their last day of school, they’ve recreated the same images.

The results will most likely get you thinking about your own first and last day of school, about your parents, and about how you should make the most out of everything you have right now. Because, sad or not, things will never be the same again.

Years later

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