PJs That Would Want You to Kill the Joke Teller

PJs are easy and simple. There is no ornate and intricate way to create a PJ. It just happens on it’s own but still there is some level of thought and creativity put into delivering a PJ.

Although PJ’s full form is poor joke, some people find PJs absolutely hilarious. If you are one of those, then enjoy this carefully curated list of the worst PJs ever:

  • Zookeepers have hidden agenda:

  • Harry Potter and the Ridikulus spells!!!

  • Abhi bhi ni chal rha!

  • Stereotype or stereo type!! Wordplay:

  • Another wordplay with sign or shine:

  • The age old Kashmir battle between India and Pakistan:

  • Sundar Pichai: That’s it, we are buying Adobe!

  • Rivers flow or as we say in Hindi “behri”:

  • The famous song Bheege Hont Tere Pyaasa Dil Mera turned to a vegetable fantasy:

  • Was she talking about the Uber driver or the Almighty above:

  • The Kid accidentally said the correct answer – Mercury:

  • Some fun in India’s favorite language, Punjabi:

  • She’s stalking him with clean hands. That’s good of her:

  • How can a vegetable be interrogated by two cops?

  • Guys do crazy things in a wedding which is why sometimes they are not even invited:

  • This is one of those intellectual PJs that makes stoners go ‘Deep man’:

  • Emirati babies crying technique:

  • Making puns by using Hindi instead of English is always hilarious. Looks like Hindi is a funny language, too:

  • Hippo’s right area is hypocrite:

  • Rakhi Sawant may be hot but she is really dumb:

  • This teacher is not just creepy, he is doing something illegal, too:

Hope most of these brought a smile on your face or made you want to kill the person who brought these jokes into your life. That was clearly our intention!

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