Plans for the Long Weekend That Go Undone and Soon It’s Time to Get Back to Work!

Whenever there’s a long weekend around the corner, we have lots of plans to get things done. From clearing the laundry to cleaning up the messy house, most of us would have planned a lot, but finally when it’s time to get back to work we realize that the weekend flew past like a whizz and nothing is done.

Here are some instances of such situations and how it feels like when the holidays are over.

  • Most of us would have planned to do the laundry and empty the laundry basket over the long weekend, but here’s how the basket is even after that.

  • When it’s Sunday night and the Monday blues are about to begin, this is what we feel like. Wasn’t it just the beginning of the long weekend just a few minutes ago?

  • As per my calculations, there were still two more days to complete my chores and so I thought I’ll do what I would do over any other usual weekend – catch up with friends and party hard! It looks like mismanagement got the better of me.

  • Now, it’s Saturday and this day is spent in battling the hangover of the previous day. There goes the second day also in vain!

  • Finally, it’s Sunday – the last day of holiday – trying to get on terms that I’ll have to get ready for all the work that is to be done over the next few days.

There goes the so-called long weekend that was supposed to be used productively – with only unproductive work!

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