Plastic Jeans- Yaee or Naee?

Plastic Jeans- Yaee or Naee?

One thing that I have learnt with time is that human species doesn’t cease to amuse you. Just when you come to a conclusion that you have heard it all or rather seen it all in terms of fashion sense, the fashion industry knocks you off the track with yet another head-scratching fashion trend.

Remember the ‘fake mud jeans’ by Nordstrom? It was hard enough to come to terms with a pair of jean that had fake mud on it and what’s worst it was sold for INR 27,000!

So, now the fashion world throws another bomb-shell called – Plastic Jeans

The Plastic Jeans

You are probably wonder what you are looking at… Well say ‘Hello’ to the plastic jeans!

This probably doesn’t make any sense to you…You’re probably wondering if they are comfortable…or what happen if the person is sweaty and more over where has our world come to! (Mutual feelings)

Can Somebody Explain to Us the Purpose of Wearing Them?!

The only sane conclusion that I could come up with is that, it is probably some sick joke by the fashion industry.

Now, just-in-case they are actually serious about this and it does become a fashion trend what do we pair it up with!

While you are still trying to digest all this, the Twitteraties have already bombarded the social media platform with their hilarious takes on the Plastic jeans!

->Some Twitteraties were concerned about hygiene issue?

->Another guy had this ingenious idea. Why waist a $100 when you can use cling film?

So What Do You Think?

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