Plenty Of Animals Form Unlikely Bonds, But This One’s Something Special

As humans, we tend to think of ourselves as superior beings. Because we have logical and emotional faculties that are almost excessively powerful, we look at humankind as the quintessential image of sentience. In reality, we’re far from alone when it comes to emotional intelligence. If you’ve ever brought a pet into your family, you’ve seen their capacity for love and compassion firsthand — but humans aren’t the only beings with which animals form strong bonds.

This is something that Finland-based wildlife photographer Lassi Rautiainen has learned over the course of his career. While he was out in the field with his colleagues Susan Brookes and Staffan Widstrand recently, he came across one relationship in particular that’s captivated him ever since.

While Rautiainen is fascinated by all animals, this photographer has spent a lifetime focusing on some of Finland’s most misunderstood creatures. His goal is to help people see the beauty and intelligence of wolves, bears, and wolverines.


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