The Plight of a Book Addict

Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend and booklovers stand by this. They are perfect companions, they ask no questions and tell no lies. Here is a compilation of hilarious memes that every book addict can relate to.

  • When you are  forced to watch a movie adaption of a book

  • When they get the details wrong!

You ought to speak up when you see something wrong. That’s what the book taught me!

  • When you have been binge reading for three freaking days…

And you simply can’t stop yourself!

  • When you have been reading a book for a while suddenly your thought process becomes just like the characters.

Other call it narcissist syndrome

  • When you give your favorite book to somebody and they return it damaged

Some things in life are simply unforgivable.

  • Or in the worst case…They never return it!

The worst sin ever!

  • Cancelling plans to stay home and read

Come on man! You only live once and quite frankly a book happens to be some much more entertaining than the human species! No offence.

  • The feeling after you are done reading a book

One word – #lost.

  • Luckily there are other books that help us move on

Only if moving on after a break up was this easy!

Am I the only one who feel this way? Or are you a part of this club? Let us know!

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Defiantly break up !!

Defiantly break up !!

Helium Beatboy

Helium Beatboy