Is It Possible To Send Lemonade Over The Internet? YES…

Lemonade Over The Internet

Is It Possible To Send Lemonade Over The Internet? YES…

You don’t need to settle on fantasizing those delicious/mouth-watering lemonade on the social media anymore! WHAT? IS IT REALLY? Yes… Scientists from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have invented an innovative and amazing technology as they can take the sense of taste to an outstanding digital level. The researchers of NUS were able to copy the real lemonade taste by measuring the pH sensor and RGB color digitally. This data was then transferred via Bluetooth to a smart tumbler rim with a receiver which is coated with the silver electrode. These electrodes can purely copy different tastes like sourness, bitterness etc. by sending 800 Hz frequency pulses to your taste buds.

The smart tumbler is made up of with a bunch of LED lights to produce the color of the drink. Because of the combined light visuals and electrified sensations, you will be able to get the same taste and sense as of a fresh glass of Lemonade.  

The entire process was presented and tasted at the Conference on Tangible which was embedded in Yokohama, Japan on this March. Some participants were there to differentiate the real lemonade and the copied one. But you know what? Participants struggled to differentiate between the copied lemonade and the real one as the virtual lemonade was appearing just as the original one.

Some participants reported that drinking didn’t help them to recognize which one is the real Lemonade and which one is the copied one. The scientists suggested the reason behind this as,:

The water might be weakening the electrical signals on the tongue and cranking up the strength of those pulses could help close the gap”.

At the end, the experiment concluded that there is no such difference between the real and the copied Lemonade.

Unless you simulate olfaction, the true flavor cannot be reproduced,” says Amol Bhondekar at the Central Scientific Instruments Organisation in India. Another scientist Ranasinghe says that they are working on a project to make a full virtual cocktail with taste, color, smell all covered. Not only this, they want to create any drink.

The best advantage of this technology is to virtually recreate the favorite drinks without drinking any dangerous chemicals.

Watch the video here:

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