These Posters Show What You See and What Your Parents See When Board Results Come Out

The 10th board results for CBSE board recently came out and the chaos in the students’ lives had begun. What should be done for your children during this hour is help them make the important decisions that are needed to be made here. But instead, there is an endless plethora of relatives and family melodrama, which leaves you more confused than you were earlier.

Make sure you don’t fall into the abyss by giving into the pressure and stand your ground and do what you love. While doing so, check out these hilarious comparisons to lighten the mood:

  • When You Take the Science Stream:

My son just took science stream! He is going to invent the next Facebook. What they don’t know is that Mark Zuckerberg was a commerce student when he created Facebook.

  • When Your Goal Is to Be a Professional Writer:

Writers don’t get paid and they won’t have anything to eat. They would get malnutrition and won’t have to drink water either.

  • The Pain of People Taking Commerce:

Commerce people dream of becoming the head of RBI and parents imagine them as collectors! Basically, commerce is very easy and can be done by anyone.

  • When You Want to Take Arts:

You probably feel that you would be the next big name in the art community, but what your parents see is that this child is not good enough to take up science or commerce because he is a failure.

  • Sharma Ji’s Son, the Topper of the Class and the Universe:

You definitely want to kill that uncle using an RPG, but your parents would call you up and say, “Beta, Tumse na ho payega!”

I’m sure you have felt these taunts in your life, but we would insist you to stand your ground and do what you want to do rather than do what your parents tell you to do.

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