Pregnancy Tweets That Would Make You Laugh and Cry at the Same Time

Make no mistake, going through pregnancy is not easy. Not just for the mother but for the father, too. But going through all the hardship and suffering is kind of a necessity for the immeasurable happiness that is going to come into your life in the form of a cute and cuddly baby.

All the mood swings, morning sickness, incessant peeing and many more hardships sure look like an impossible task to go through, but if both the parents are looking forward to bringing a new life into this world, these problems turn out to be easy.

Now pregnancy is not all tears. It is funny too and here is a list of tweets that would make you laugh and cry at the same time:

  • Mood swings happen without pregnancy too, but pregnancy swings are stronger:

  • Pregnancy is not a joke boys, so don’t joke about it:

  • That’s absolutely true. Sometimes, a negative test is what people hope for:

  • Some curse and cry but some are happy, too.

  • This kid doesn’t miss the womb, because she is scared:

  • Not necessarily only a pregnant woman, all us ladies are bat-shit crazy:

  • Naughty wordplay always makes me laugh:

  • No, no that’s only when you are part of a cult:

  • Babies are lazy and pregnant lady hormones are crazy:

  • That is only because men are dumber:

  • Dads makes jokes even before the baby is born:

  • That happens when the men see a ring as well:

  • Craving for chocolate biscuits but worried about your figure? Get pregnant:

  • People really don’t appreciate their ability to pick up stuff from ground, until they are unable to:

Girls who are terrified of pregnancy, I should add that it’s not at all scary. It is really sweet when your partner helps you out in chores and cares for you. Happy pregnancy!!

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