President Trump’s Revised Travel Ban Challenged by Hawaii Lawyers

President Donald Trump signed a revised travel ban, and a day after it the lawyers at Hawaii said that they are planning to challenge the travel ban.

The state needs to alter their existing lawsuit that challenges Trump’s last request to contest the revised plan, as indicated by a motion filed on Tue in Honolulu’s Court.

The new scheme does not grant visas for people belonging to six countries that are Muslim-major and also to temporary shut down America’s refugee program. The six countries that will be affected are- Libya, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Sudan, and Somalia.


Hawaii’s claim had been on hold while an across the nation’s order on the underlying ban stayed up. This is the second time Hawaii has requested that a judge lifts the stay so as to file a corrected claim.

A month ago, U.S. Region Court Judge Derrick Watson in Honolulu permitted the state to record a corrected claim including the Muslim Association of Hawaii’s imam as an offended party. The relative of Imam Ismail Elshikh is a Syrian national living in Syria.

As indicated by the movement, lawyers for the legislature had no position on the demand to document another amended claim. Hawaii proposes to record its revised claim on Wednesday. The movement proposed the hearing to be scheduled on March 15, a day prior to the revised travel ban goes live.

Lawyers representing Hawaii couldn’t instantly be reached for their remarks. Hawaii has employed a Washington, D.C., law office to offer assistance. Josh Wisch, a representative for the lawyer general’s office, said a month ago that, the firm is giving them a 50 percent markdown.

” This new executive order is nothing more than Muslim Ban 2.0,” Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin said in an announcement on Monday.

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