Priyanka’s Outfit at MET Gala Got Her Varied Comments

Priyanka Chopra’s latest Outfit at the MET Gala 2017, the annual event hosted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art created quite a stir. The event where world’s biggest celebrities register their presence, the Indian beauty made her presence felt in style.

She carried a Ralph Lauren trench coat-gown so gracefully that both fashion critics, as well as her fans, applauded whole heartily. It’s not that everyone was appreciative of her outfit and the Internet was actually buzzing with a lot of jokes too.

  •    Priyanka’s outfit made people compare her to the clumsy detective Inspector Gadget.

  •    Not only that she was compared to this clumsy detective who always wears a trench coat, some people went to the extent that she was carrying a tarpaulin tent along with her.

  •    As the monsoon season is approaching people also commented that the mango man needs to thatch the roof.

  •    Those who went domestic in approach thought that investing in poncha is equally important as investing in a designer dress.

  •    The perfect way to sweep the house when the maid doesn’t turn up and you need to take care of the house along with getting ready for the party.

  •    This is how the fashion bloggers sweep their houses….Style and house chores go hand in hand.

  •    Although she is staying out of her country for her work commitments her loyalty towards India’s swachh Bharat abhiyaan is unparalleled.

  •    The Indian government can actually think of making her the ambassador of swachh Bharat abhiyaan for this innovative idea to clean the streets on the move.

  •    The outfit definitely made her the focal point of the talk whether fans, fashion critics or the social bloggers and tweeters.

  •    Was the cloth for the outfit take from the Guzarish song from Ghazni.

  •    If my dupatta even touches the floor sometimes my mother shouts….I wonder what Priyanka’s mom has to say.

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