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Proposals in Front of Kaaba Are Not Islamic; Turkish Man Proposal Video Goes Viral

The most memorable and cherishing memory for any couple is asking your loved one to marry you. To make it most memorable and cherishing, all of us give in our entire heart and soul into planning the best day of our loved one’s lifetime. Even Yusuf Akyön, a TRT reporter, wanted to do the same for his girlfriend when he popped the question in front of the Kaaba in Makkah’s Grand Mosque.

Yusuf, who is of Turkish decent, planned to surprise his beloved at the Kaaba, the most sacred site of Islam, and in the presence of her and his family! In the video, he pulled out a ring from his pocket and said that as they are in front of the Kaaba and also in the presence of their blessed mothers, he was a little embarrassed about doing it in front of them. But whatever his intentions are, they would do well.

His fiancée was dazed but in a jovial and lighthearted way, she asked Yusuf to get down on his knees saying that she won’t say, “Yes.” unless he does so. Yusuf followed her wish and knelt down happily, slinging the ring onto her finger. The moment was really romantic for the both of them, as they smiled with happiness.

The video was then shared on social media by Yusuf and it went viral. But others didn’t take it as romantic as it was intended to be. A lot of viewers ended up criticizing his actions of a proposal in a sacred place. This went on to such an extent that Yusuf deleted all his accounts on social media, as many lodged complaints against him and some even demanded his workplace to fire him. According to a report on Sözcü Newspaper Yusuf is the son of Bahattin Akyön, the Turkish Press Ambassador in Saudi Arabia.

Here is the video:

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