What would Punjabi Aunties think of Bollywood Movies?

There is a special unique breed of aunties in the Northern part of incredible India, the Punjabi Aunties. They would judge you for each and everything you do. They feel that you are their own personal little project and only they can bring you to the right path.

Punjabi Aunties have their own values and beliefs and they feel that each and every person should go by their belief system. If someone doesn’t, they would keep taunting him until he comes back on line! They are extremely friendly and will always be there for you no matter what. The only problem is that, they never listen and think that they are the only person who is right.

Here is what we feel the Punjabi Aunties would think about Bollywood Movies:

  • Job is most important:

End goal of everything is getting a job because if you don’t you should go and work in your dad’s business. Ultimately, you would have to go and work in your dad’s business only.

  • Why are you fussing about everything?

Dear Punjabi Aunties, the movie wanted to show “chhoti-moti baatein” that happen in every household only. You stated the obvious this time!

  • You need to look like a girl to get a boy:

Therefore, Punjabi Aunties want you to stop wearing jeans and tops and start wearing suits and sarees.

  • Marriage is the only thing a girl is good at:

She didn’t see how good Ranbir was according to Punjabi Aunties but the movie wanted to show something else entirely!

  • Again Marriage?

Each and every oldie’s end goal is apparently marriage only. Therefore if Amitabh would have gotten Deepika married, he wouldn’t be so pressured all the time!

No matter what people say, Punjabi Aunties are pretty damn entertaining and hilariously funny!

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