These Puns by a Girl to Annoy Her BFF Are So Bad That They Are Actually Hilarious!

Paresh Tulsiani and Trupti Purohit have been BFFs since the first year of their college. While studying in Middlesex University in Dubai, Trupati uploaded a video where she was seen annoying her BFF Paresh with some cute but annoying puns. These puns are so bad that they are actually good. Have a look!

Don’t They Look Adorable?

Last year around September, Trupti uploaded the video for the first time where she was following Paresh around in a supermarket.

Well, he doesn’t look so GLAD about it.

It started from Australia when a guy uploaded a video in which he made similar puns to irritate his girlfriend, which became viral and it has been in trend ever since.

Ok, but without these puns please!

She didn’t even spare Bollywood songs in her pursuit of happiness.

He won’t be too interested in making tea anymore.

Now you know why he hates “Mocha”!

It all started with the Facebook Page Real Sarcasm where this video fed sarcasm to over 2 million people.

Definitely not relationship goals for Paresh!

Though we were informed that they are not a couple, they definitely look adorable together.

Purohit also said – “It actually started off as me goofing around to annoy him but by the third or fourth pun, he joined in and started throwing ideas as well.” Well, did he have a choice?

Paresh moved to Delhi permanently, but couldn’t escape her puns in their weekly Skype sessions.

What do you guys think of these puns?

If you have any such pun ideas, tell us in the comment section below.

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Naughty girl !! ???

Naughty girl !!

Wow !! She knows how to play ??

Wow !! She knows how to play