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See how Beyonce’s family celebrated her Birthday!

Queen Bey celebrates her 36th Birthday
Queen Bey celebrates her 36th Birthday

Beyonce’s birthday had lots of special surprises for her. This year Queen Bey’s birthday was celebrated with all the happiness and greetings from all over the world. With family and close friends, Bey’s birthday had a great shoutout from her fans as well.

Close friends Serena Williams, Adele, Michelle Obama & Bruno Mars greeted the most beautiful lady of the world through their own style and social media posts. Serena Williams, Michelle Obama & Blue Ivy, Beyonce’s daughter had put on the same black dress from Bey’s “Formation” video.

Michelle Obama-Serena Williams
Michelle Obama-Serena Williams

The pics got viral and started trending in social media soon. Jay Z, Bey’s husband, also sang “Happy Birthday” for his Wife. The Pop Queen also received a sweet quotation from her Mother, Tina Knowles.

She posted a pic on instagram with this sweet message –

“36 years ago God Chose me out of all the women in the world to be your mother! How blessed could I be? Not because you are a super talented, smart business woman and one of the biggest superstars! Its because you are the kindest most generous, thoughtful, intuitive, loyal, humble, funny, grounded, grateful and loving human being.”

She added, “I am proud to be your mom Happy Birthday Baby! I love you with my whole heart.”

And last but not least, Bey’s Daddy, Mathew Knowles, took his twitter account to share his feelings for her. In the video he posted, saying “Your city loves you, but more importantly, I love you. I love you with all my heart. I am so proud of you. I just wanted to tell you happy birthday.”

Queen Bey is someone who deserves every happiness of life, and if there’s something beyond it, as well. She is the modern era ‘Feminist’, being the lamp for all the girls to show the road that leads to Greatness. She has stepped into something called “Divine”, and that’s why she’s the Queen.  We wish Beyonce a very prosperous and Happy Birthday.

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