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Quick Action by Indian Railways to Deliver Milk for 5 Months Baby

Indian Railways won the heart of millions with a quick response by providing milk to a 5-months old baby on the running train. The incident took place while a couple was travelling in “Happa Tirunelveli Express” on Sunday with their 5-months old baby.

They suddenly realized that there was no milk available in the train. Unfortunately, the next station was Ratnagiri, which was too far away. A co-passenger by the name Sneha Bhapat reached out to them and she tweeted to her friends regarding the case.

One of her friends “Anagha Nikam” tweeted to Konkan Railways about the infant travelling on Happa Express who needed milk. Konkan Railways took an initiative and asked for the PNR number. On getting the same, they arranged milk for the infant and informed to the parents to collect milk. At Kolad station, the couple collected milk and were de-stressed.

Thanks to the social media as well as the present ministers of the Government who are always active on the social media. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj doesn’t need any introduction as she is well known for her help and support to the people in need.

Recently, another minister Suresh Prabhu and the Indian Railways won the hearts of millions by their Nobel Act by arranging milk for a baby on a running train.

The swift action was spread through internet and people were really happy and praised the whole network. Suresh Prabhu has done an awesome job and should be rewarded for this act. He once had helped a lady by providing wheel-chair when she tweeted for help on social media.

We should thank the social media for playing such a vital role in our lives and we should keep in mind helping hands are always better than praying lips.

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