Radio Host and Comedian Chris Burr Martin Trolls His Daughter’s Instagram Pictures by Posing as Her

Chris Burr Martin is a comedian and a radio show host in Spokane, Washington. He didn’t like all the racy pictures his daughter used to post on her Instagram Handle. It wasn’t just the racy pictures. He hated all the vulgar comments that her pictures received.

To make sure her pictures stop receiving these comments or she stops posting racy pictures altogether, Chris did the unthinkable. He recreated all her pictures with perfect costumes and expressions. His intentions were to teach his daughter a lesson, but the photos went viral and an internet frenzy began. Now his Instagram Handle has double the followers of his daughter’s handle.

Chris started with 49 followers and currently he has 134k followers. His creativity and wit made him an internet sensation. Here are some of the best recreations by Chris Burr Martin:

  • Some Sitting on Couch, TV and Hot Legs:

The resemblance of both the pictures is uncanny. She is pulling her shirt down and so is he. Her hand has tattoos, so does his! He is really the selfie dad!

  • Curls and Tank Tops Rock:

He put on a wig and made sure his hair resembled his daughter’s hair. That is dedication!!!

  • Close to the Nature:

She just used a filter Chris, not real leaves. But still the resemblance is uncanny, isn’t it? The infamous crown look is also there!!

  • Now This Is What I Call Revealing:

Awesome pose Chris! Even the footwork matches! You are a pro!

  • The Best One Ever:

The tattoos are completely accurate! Look he even got a nose ring!!

I’m not sure if he actually got those tattoos or he just used a pen to draw on himself. Whatever he did, he did an excellent job of mimicking his daughter!

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