It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!

Loving animals is easy. They offer unconditional love and yet demand nothing in return. Best of all they wouldn’t even judge us for our attitude and clumsy outfit!

They are absolutely adorable and give us the perfect reasons for us to smile and most of the time laugh. You can constantly keep yourself entertained with their hilarious antiques. Here is a compilation of some pets and what’s probably running in their mind… it will get your ROFL.

  • Peek-a-Boo

Dogs play catch whereas, cats…they play hide and seek. The game however, may sometimes cost you your furniture!

  • Game of thrones?

This one surely feels superior to the human species. What better throne than a fan?

  • Just trying out some clothes…

Current thoughts: Can I please have some privacy. Can’t a cat just try out some clothes!

  • Opps…

That is not what’s supposed to happen. In my delusional mind, I did a perfect 10/10 jump.

  • Caught stealing?

Looks like the little one here was way to hungry to be all etiquette. Well, hunger can surely do this to us pal, you are not alone!

  • Say What?

Some pets are purely talented! Yeah bro, you need absolute talent to achieve this. Period.

  • Thought for the day

Current thoughts: I’m so bored of being bored. Being bored is boring…#AVeryBoredDod.

  • Safety Comes First


No matter how uncomfortable that is. Only if humans believed in the importance of safety!

  • I can sleep anywhere

Like literally anywhere! Trust me.

  • Drawing the curtain?

A very helpful cat indeed. Arrr…Maybe not.

  • Look what this one can do!

A pole dance. And it is absolutely adorable. Yeah! This is the first time I found a pole dance ADORABLE.

  • This one is messed up


It’s probably got a detachable head? Actually…now I am actually hoping it has one.

  • A little caught up?

Current thoughts: It’s not what it looks like!

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