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What Range Anxiety? Man Drives Tesla Model S 452.8 Miles on a Single Charge

Anyone considering buying an electric car will likely take a good look at its range. Surprisingly, sometimes official range numbers can be far surpassed in practice. Tesla’s Model S P85D luxury sedan should last 253 miles on one charge, according to the company — but one man managed to almost double that number, driving his Tesla 452.8 miles (728.7 km) before it finally ran out of juice.2-3 To achieve that, Bjørn Nyland from Denmark charged his P85D at a supercharger in Rødekro, Denmark, and then drove very, very slowly, avoiding any elevation, before returning to the starting point. The feat took a lot of patience, with Nyland and a friend taking turns at the wheel, mostly driving 25 mph. In total, the drive took nearly an entire day — 1 hour of stops and 18 hours and 40 minutes of driving time.2-2Nyland posted a video with the drive’s highlights on YouTube on Tuesday, but don’t expect anything crazy — the most exciting moment happened after the duo took a wrong turn, forcing them to drive over a stretch of gravel road. A Tesla enthusiast, Nyland has several Tesla-related videos on his channel, including one where he drives at constant speed of 125 mph over a 39-mile stretch of the German autobahn. The 452.8 miles is a record for a Tesla Model S. The previous record, achieved with a regular Model S, was achieved in 2012, with Model S owner David Metcalf and his son Adam driving 423.5 miles on one charge.

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