Rare Species of People who are on the Verge of Extinction in today’s Society

We all worry about the extinction of flora and fauna but what about the people who are losing their inner politeness and gestures that were once really important to humanity and civilization? The society of today is so pretentious and selfish that the only reason they have to talk to someone is if they need something form that someone.

People have stopped caring for one another as work takes priority for them over anything else. In this fast paced world, a person doesn’t even stop to pick his friend up from the rubble. The person just keeps going because success in this world is more important than the feeling of friendship and connection.

But there are still some people who are kind enough to make sure that humanity doesn’t die. These people are very rare and might even be extinct in the coming decade. Let’s make sure to preserve the rare breed of people like the following:

  • Smartphone Mania should be controlled:

  • The Birthday Boy/Girl is always excited to get Presents:

  • People who actually Pay back what they owe you:

  • People who text what they actually feel and not something that the society demands:

  • Anywhere and anything is never what you actually want to say:

  • People who prefer a real conversation:

  • People who are not two faced at all:

  • People who know that they were wrong and admit it:

  • People who are not selfish:

  • The world famous Aur Bata phrase!

Most of you must be thinking that these kind of people do not exist but you are mistaken. These kind of people do exist but they prefer hanging out with likeminded and open people. Try to incorporate these values and people like this would flock around you!

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