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Reaction of Samsung, Apple And Microsoft On CIA Leaks

Wikileaks are pretty much sure that the CIA runs a “very substantial effort to infect and control” Microsoft Windows clients with malware or destructive programming. It’s done using zero-day violations. Viruses that corrupt programming doubted on CDs, malware on USB sticks, and frameworks conceal information in picture documents.

Microsoft spokesperson in an interview with CBN said, “We are well aware of the leak report, and we are looking into it.” Samsung also responded to this issue, and Microsoft said, they are urgently looking into it.

Some major social media networks were also included in the leaks, such as Whatsapp and Signal. This news came in front when, WikiLeaks said they were able to exploit Android and IOS very well, which is why they were able to extract the audio and text messages before they were encrypted.

Signal and WhatsApp have not reacted to a claims made by CNBC. In any case, Open Whisper Systems, which creates Signal, said that the CIA technique was about getting malware onto mobile phones and smart phones instead of breaking the encryption innovation utilized by Signal.


The World Wide Web framework – which campaigns for Internet secrecy – said the US government requires assigning a specific acknowledgment.

Co founder of encrypted email service ProtonMail, Andy Yen explained, “The core cryptographic algorithms and techniques used by ProtonMail and other encrypted services remain secure. The exploitation of user endpoints (mobile phones, personal computers, etc. unfortunately) is actually not a new technique, but one that has existed since the first malware was, sadly, . This is not something that cryptography is designed to defend against, as encryption by itself cannot guarantee the security of end-user devices.”

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