The Really Crazy And Pointless Words That Have Been Added To The English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is one of those seemingly eternal staples of our lives and always happening to appear in unlikely places when we need: at a doctor’s surgery or dental waiting room, or perhaps on the back shelf of a co-worker’s stall. Since 1884, the book has catalogued some 6000 words from the last millennium, marking all sorts of changes and contractions in language as society has changed.


Over the years, of course, it has had to change and adapt, often taking onboard new words that have attained some type of cultural significance and are used in everyday lexicon, both written and spoken. Some are interesting like curios, like Redang (an Indonesian dish), but then some like Deffo (abbreviation for definitely) leave one scratching their head.

Make that positively raking across one’s cranium. Click on the next page to see some of the hilarious, the strange and the embarrassing new additions.