The recent twitter trend of Explaining your Job Badly got extremely Hilarious

Twitter is famous for trending hashtags. These hashtags are sometimes about serious topics like politics and some controversies but sometimes these trending hashtags are just for fun. A similar hashtag got trending recently. It was #badlyexplainyourjob . People using this hashtag were twisting and turning their job description into something absolutely hilarious.

Some of these tweets would make you roll on the floor laughing and if you find your job in one of them then you could relate to the tweets too. Here are some of the Badly Explain Your Job tweets posted on twitter by the twitterati:

  • How would a Thriller Novel Writer explain their work?

A Thriller novelist does put their character in unfathomable amounts of torture.

  • That’s Scary… Explaining Priest Work badly:

Knowing where the bodies are buried and marrying many men is creepy.

  • DJ comes down to party with his version of work:


DJs do press a lot of buttons but that’s not it, they also slide sliders up and down.

  • Gynecologist. Doesn’t need any more explanation:

That Girl is bang on right. OBGYN has definitely seen more vaginas then most men in his/her entire lifetime.

  • Another Scary Job Description #Doctor:

Wait! So you don’t sew them back up after cutting them open?

  • Shooting and Flashing in Public:

This is the work of a photographer with wits. Nicely put job description. I bet the people like getting flashed.

  • Only a salesman can do a salesman’s job:

People think being a salesman is not interesting. It is very interesting as you get to fool the people as well as the company you work for and roll like a boss!

Jobs can be frustrating but when you badly explain you job, they become hilarious instead. Keep smiling!

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