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She Recycles The Used Plastic Into Mesmeric Animal Sculptures!!

On encountering her art from a distance most viewers would see an animal in motion such as horses galloping out from a gallery wall, or dolphins swimming above, or polar bear family diving for fish. In reality Sayaka Ganz, shares the imagination of what it might feel like to gallop like a horse and feel the wind going through your face, or to swim like a dolphin and feel the water and sunlight against your fins.

But when the viewers get up close to these sculptures, it becomes apparent that these animals are made of plastic kitchen items and other household objects. Upon further inspection viewers may notice that many of the objects are stained or bent, because these are already used up items bought from thrift stores and collected from friends and family. The artist named this as “3D Impressionism”.  So let’s witness her creativity right now!!

She Recycles The Used Plastic Into Mesmeric Animal Sculptures!!

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